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Post by Stefano (Old Applejack) on Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:10 pm

Ponycraft/Crafting is Magic is dead. Has been that way for many months, though our community is still in contact, the times we had and all the fun is officially over. Now we rarely speak of this server anymore. It was fun while it lasted, and it was one of the most important things in my life at the time, I would come on the server daily and have some pure Minecraft pony fun with all my friends. All that's over now, it's all done. I don't think the server will ever be revived again, though tried many times to get it up and running again, it all failed in the end. Though extremely saddening, I can say that even though all we had is gone. I'm happy that I got to experience the love and friendship that was all in the server and our community. I'm happy that I got to make so many friends. I'm happy that I could pause all the stress and hardship for a few hours a day, and just be happy overall. Not many of you are even going to see this post, maybe none of you will, even though I'll link this in our skype chat, only about 5 ish people are active there anyway, and it gets less active as days pass. But anyway, the point is, I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you so much, everybody. I cannot name all of you, but know that every single one of you were a part of the best thing in my life, and I can hope the same for other people. I am getting sadder as I type this, so I should stop. But before I do, I ask one thing of all of you, I know that we will all eventually lose contact with eachother, and the whole premise of the server will be long forgotten. But please, can we try to stay happy, all of us, and talk to one another in the skype chat. Because I never want to forget that year or so of my life, the year when I was actually happy and looking forward to coming home, launching Minecraft and seeing all of my best friends again. So I say again, thank you, and goodbye.

-Stefan Kobzar, (former) member of the Ponycraft/Crafting is Magic community, known by many names, but most common, Applejack.

tl;dr - Thank you.
Stefano (Old Applejack)
Stefano (Old Applejack)

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