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Post by RadicalEdward2 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:45 pm

Hi people! Some of you may not know me. I was very quiet and busy in the old Ponycraft server days. I was part of the New Equestria but wasn't high up enough on the staff to hear what happened behind the scenes. Anyways, I built what would have been part of the new Hive so I'll be posting that along with my artwork c:
Oh and my deviantART:

The ruins of a city near the Hive that I built. Each building had a detailed interior and exterior that gave stories about how it fell to the Changelings. There were also lots of little secret spots with Changeling pods and hidden loot. The castle to the left was based on the design of Princess Platinum's castle :3
Photo Graphic's Art Stuff Thehivesurface_zpsf567db43

One of the many cave tunnels in the city that led to the new Hive. It was based on one of the Dwarf mountain entrances from LOTR.
Photo Graphic's Art Stuff Hiveruin5_zps79b1b7bc

The test sample ruins that got me qualified as a builder in new Equestria c:
Photo Graphic's Art Stuff Hiveruin4_zpse8a5d41c

You can still see the ruins of the 'equestria' map of dynmaps (which is still working)

A version of Sweet Apple Acres (with interior) I made before I joined ponycraft
Photo Graphic's Art Stuff Ponyville6

I also designed the interior and exterior of Colgate's Canterlot Dentistry Very Happy (my house is the tower one to the right)
Photo Graphic's Art Stuff 558828_4445640510711_673193764_n_zpsd3958e8d

I'll post more stuff eventually c:

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Photo Graphic's Art Stuff Empty Re: Photo Graphic's Art Stuff

Post by Madoor on Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:07 pm

if only I wasn't on my stone tablet of a kindle, these would be great in color.

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