Questions/concerns regarding community role and voting process

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Questions/concerns regarding community role and voting process Empty Questions/concerns regarding community role and voting process

Post by Blank Slate on Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:00 am

Cubie, if you could, I had a few questions and concerns regarding the role the community has with decisions affecting the server, among other things.

After the admins are selected, does the community have a say with further elected officials, or is that up to the admins? And, if an admin turns out to be a bad choice, will the community have the ability to vote them out of power and choose someone else? And concerning voters, will anyone who joins the server have the right to vote, or will there be a process for members to gain that ability? (ie application for citizenship)

Also, I can't help but feel the voting process is all over the place. Initially, the nominations were being held on the forum here, but was later moved to a Google document, which was posted in Skype but not here. link:

Will the current votes from the forum count, or will only the Google document? Also, the suggested nominations were greatly reduced from the initial count, partly due to the nominees not having an interest in running as admins.
I feel that:
1. Efforts need to be centralized to some place where everypony has easy access to.
2. There should be an application process/thread for people who are running for admin.

This way, voters know what their choices are and can make a better decision.

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